Intergroup Donation

Donate to Intergroup using one of the payment details provided below. We have grouped the payment options based on whether you live outside or in Hong Kong.

You live outside Hong Kong

  1. Paypal

Select this link:

You live in Hong Kong

  1. PayMe

Select this link:

Or use this QR code:

2. Cash may be deposited to any HSBC cash deposit machine by entering the Hong Kong Intergroup account number: 808-384952-001

3. A cheque made out to Hong Kong Intergroup may be deposited to account: 808-384952-001 at any HSBC Cheque Deposit machine.

4. Groups or individuals may ID themselves via ATM Reference box in the cheque deposit program.

5. Drop a cheque in HSBC branch cheque drop box with IG account details (above) on the reverse.

6. A cheque can also be mailed to Intergroup, Gloucester Road Post Office Box 28205, Wanchai.